The interiors of the Moniuszki building were completely modernized.  Refurbished retail shops ensure office workers convenient access to coffee shops or newsstands, but at the same time their customers do not disturb office workers owing to new entrances directly from the street and the fact that the customers are isolated from the office zone. A new main entrance and reception area with an advanced access control system emphasize the building class and the rank of its tenants. 18 completely refurbished office floors give Tenants full flexibility to divide and adapt the leased space.


Right after entering the building, one can see how positively the interiors changed. Light-coloured stone and glass finishes, carefully selected fit-out elements and the reception desk located in the central point create an impressive, nice and modern entrance lobby area. It is ideally complemented by new revolving doors which help keep constant temperature in the main lobby.

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Lift lobbies were given a whole new modern look. They are full of light and finished with top quality materials. The neutral interior design well harmonizes with the reception lobby and entrances to tenant spaces.

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Everything changed for the better. 
Ceilings and everything above them: most advanced air-conditioning, ventilation, fire detection and extinguishing systems, and energy saving lighting fixtures.  Floors: old floor screed was removed and replaced with modern technical floor, under which all installations necessary to run the office were placed. Now, 18 office floors represent comfortable and well equipped spaces tailored to meet individual tenants’ needs and expectations.

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